Morpeth Gathering



29th April- 1st May 2011

The Morpeth Gathering includes a norder pipe class in its annual competition. There were no entries last year and this competition, a unique opportunity to put the msuci of the border pipews before a more general public, will be lost if this event is not better supported this year.



from the frestival website: [the site has yet to be updated with this year's competition details, but the piping class is usually on the Staurday, early in the afternoon]

"The festival includes a vast array of competitions including crafts, performance and writing. Events of local interest nave been added to the programme of concerts, singarounds, barn dance, storytelling. theatre and street performance which includes a young people's pageant as part of the Border Cavalcade.

The emphasis of the Gathering is firmly upon the native traditions of Northumberland and. whilst there is plenty of scope for traditional music from all over the British Isles within the festival, the wealth of local culture is well to the fore. This is not blind parochialism by any means, but an attempt to maintain and spread the time-honoured distinctive and worthwhile features of Northumberland and its heritage.

The Border Cavalcade is a re-enactment of the return of Lord Greystoke from the Battle of Otterburn in 1388. The Cavalcades celebrate neither victory nor defeat, but rather the spirit of Borderers caught up in the web of everlasting conflict at a frontier. Led by Border half-long pipers the Cavalcade and a  a pageant created by children from local schools, leaves St James's Church, Copper Chare at approx. 10.45am and arrives at the Town Hall at 11 am to be welcomed by the costumed Morpeth Gadgy (the Town Bailiff) and the Mayor of Castle Morpeth. The army's flag is waved ceremonially, rosettes are presented and the Cavalcade processes to the end of Bridge Street, then turns and processes back to the Town Hall.

The pageant is followed by street performances throughout the day.."