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Borders CD Tune List

1          Johnny Lad
2          The Heather Breeze
3          Fill the Stoup
4          Morpeth Lasses
5          Weel Bobbitt Blanch O Middlebie
6          Haud the Lass
7          Lucy Farr’s Barn Dance
8          Bill Malley’s Barn Dance
9          Hugh’s Tune
10        Cally and Gavin’s Wedding
11        Pawky Adam Glen
12        Low Country Jig
14        Drops O Brandy
15        Go to Berwick Johnnie
16        The Fyket
17        The Gardeners’ March
18        Up an Waur them aa
19        Jenny Dang the Weaver
20        Barbara Allan
21        Where will our good man laye
22        The Bobers o Brechin
23        A Reel [taken form an old jigg]
24        John come Kiss me
25        Bonny at Morn
26        A Highland Two-step
27        Fairly Shot O Her
28        I Hae a Wife O My Ain
29        The Cock Knowe
30        Bigg Market Lasses
31        Molly Shannon’s
32        Hee Balou
33        The Milk Maid
34        Richard the Rogue
35        Follow her Ower the Border