New Music Competition Results

We are delighted to announce the results of the 30th Anniversary New Music Competition. Results were first announced at the Peebles Collogue where the first two winning entries were performed by their composers [the thrid prize went to the USA]

First prize: Gary West - 'The Jedburgh Ba' Game'

Second prize: Paul Roberts - 'The Gin Drinker's Dream'

Third Prize: Craig Hohm - 'The Waterdog'.

Sound files of these available soon.

All the tunes (all the entries to the competition) have been published in a new book called '30 Years of LBPS Tunes' which will be available from the LBPS web-site shop as soon as I have set up the page [later today]. In addition to the competition tunes, the book also contains other tunes from across the Society's 30 years, a couple form Hamish's stay in Barga and two named for two weel-kent ladies in the Society, Miss Rona MacDonald and Jeannie Campbell.
The book will be £12 to members and £15 to non-memb

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