Calling all lapsed smallpipers!

Do you have a set of smallpipes, currently unused, gathering dust under a bed or in an attic?

Would you be willing to make these available, on loan, hire or sale, to an aspiring beginner in our music?


The LBPS is keen to encourage beginners to take up bellows piping, for example through the Scots Music Group’s Beginners Smallpipes class. However for some, the lack of an instrument is a major hurdle.

The Society is keen to help put those with unused pipes in contact with those needing them. The Society’s role would be strictly limited to putting the parties in contact and it would then be up to them to work out a mutually acceptable deal.

We are particularly looking for bellows-blown Scottish smallpipes in the key of A, (the usual key for teaching) ideally in good working order but the Society may be able to help in putting sets back in shape.

If you can help, or want more information, contact our Pipe Hire Steward, Allan Sturrock, on 07711 809063 or via the contact form HERE