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Calling all lapsed smallpipers!

Do you have a set of smallpipes, currently unused, gathering dust under a bed or in an attic?

Would you be willing to make these available, on loan, hire or sale, to an aspiring beginner in our music?



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The LBPS has been promoting the playing of Scottish bellows pipes for nearly 30 years. Today members are spread across the world from Scotland to Alaska, from Russia to Tasmania.

If you’re enthusiastic about Scottish bellows-piping, why not join us today? Registration is simple, and as soon as you’re registered you can log-in and access the resources available to members, including the special prices for books and merchandise available at the online shop.

PLEASE NOTE: To Renew or Upgrade an Existing Membership,

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Other benefits of membership include advance information of forthcoming events, access to the membership directory with details of members around the world, and last, but certainly not least, the twice-yearly issues of Common Stock, the journal of the society, past issues of which are available on-line to members. Members also have access to the media files included on the CD that accompanies the society’s tutor for bellows pipes ‘More Power to Your Elbow’.


Subscription plans are available from the link below; the plans run for a calendar year from the date of your first payment; you will be reminded a month before your subscription expires, and will then have 60 days to renew. You can choose to download your copies of Common Stock for no extra charge, or you can have printed copies delivered by mail for an extra fee which will depend on the delivery address as follows:


12 month membership £9.00



[you will be offered the choice of Common Stock options]

2 copies Common Stock per year delivered to UK addresses

2 copies Common Stock per year delivered to EU addresses £5.00  
2 copies Common Stock per year delivered to all other addresses

Payment is via Paypal, where you can use a credit card if you do not have an account.   

If preferred, you can APPLY BY POST (PDF FILE) -


Pete Stewart

Stable Base, Stables Cottage, Winton Gardens, Pencaitland, EH34 5AT

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shop Front

  border bagpipe drawing  

The LBPS on-line shop is divided into two sections: collections of music suitable for bellows-pipers published by the Society, and other merchandise, including published music recordings and miscellaneous goods.

Members receive a generous discount on all these goods; see samples below.

To purchase from the Members' shop and claim these discounts, members should log-in using the form below. Once logged-in, the Members Shop link will be available.

Non-members can enter the shop using the links below; alternatively, for membership details click here.


More Power to your elbow cover

the fred morrison collection cover welcome home my dearie cover  

More Power to Your Elbow;

The Society's acclaimed tutor for bellows-pipes.

Price £25 including CD of tutorial videos.

Members Price £20.00, including access to on-line tutorial videos

The Fred Morrison Collection

Following numerous requests for copies of his tunes, Fred has released a tune book containing 56 of his own compositions. 

Price £15.00

Members Price £12.00

Welcome Home My Dearie

Pete Stewart's second voliume of his history of piping in the Scottish Lowlands

Price £17.50

Members Price £15.00,


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Suggested Session Tunes

Suggested Session Tunes Book, contents

72nds Farewell to Aberdeen
Ale is Dear, The
A Man's a Man for a' that
Athol Highlanders March, The
Barren Rocks of Aden
Barnyards O' Delgaty
Battle of the Somme, The
Belisle March
Blackberry Bush, The
Burning of the Piper's Hut
Butter'd Peas
Calliope House
Carles wi' the Breeks, The
Chevy Chase
Cock o' the North, The
Da Merry Boys o' Greenland
Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer
Drops of Brandy
Earl of Mansfield, The
Follow Her over the Border
Foxhunter's Jig, The
Go to Berwick Johnnie
Hey Ca' Thru
High over Bunachton
High Road to Linton, The
Inverness Rant, The
Itchy Fingers
Jenny Dang the Weaver
Jenny's Bawbee
Jenny's Fain but Jocky's Fu'
John Anderson my Jo
Ploughman, The
Leaving Lewis
Lord Ronald
Louden's Bonny Woods and Braes
Mairi's Wedding
Mary Scot
Meeting of the Waters, The
Mill Mill O', The
Morag of Dunvegan
Newe way to bouden, The
Nut Brown Maiden
Old Rustic Bridge, The
Orange and Blue
Over the Hills and Far Away
Paddy's Leather breaches
Pawky Adam Glen
Piper of Drummond, The
Road to the Isles, The
Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow, The
Rocking the Baby
Rowan Tree, The
Roxburgh Castle
Skye Boat Song
Small Coals and Little Money
Sound of Sleat, The
Souters of Selkirk
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel, The
Tail Toddle
Teribus ye Terioden
Waters of Kylesku, The
Wee Totum Fogg
Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie
When the Battle is over
Where Shall our Guidman Ly

Duets Book Contents

Blue Book, contents

Duets & harmonies for pipes in the same pitch

chanters set in pitches other than A should be fingered as if in A/D

Ay Fond Kiss
Battle of the Somme, The
Butter'd Peas
Colin's Cattle
Cradle Song
Damson Tree, The
Dark Island
Duke of Holstein's March, The
Dusty Pipes
Hector the Hero
Heights of Dargai, The
Highland Cathedral
Lie Peacefully There
Loch Ruan
Mermaid's Song, The
Mill Mill O'
Morag of Dunvegan
Nut Brown Maiden
On Top of the Clints
Paddy's Leather Breeches
Wee highland Laddie
When the Battle is Over

Duets/harmonies for pipes in different pitches

4th/5th apart e.g. A & D: G&C: D & G: C & F &c. Tone apart, e.g.. G & A: C & D: Bb & C &c. Northumbrian and Scottish smallpipes (unison and harmony)

An Drochaid Chluteach
Andrew Carr
Auld Wattie
Athol Highlanders March, The
Battle of Waterloo
Bobby Shaftoe
British Grenadiers
Clan Alba March
Crossing the Minch
Crossing the Sands
Curlew, The
Dockyard Reel, The
Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer
For Pauline
Gillun nan Drobher
Golden Birch, The
Herd of the Glen
Johnny Faa
Kenmure's Up and Awa'
Lady's Delight
Lady's Plaything, The
One Moves
Rowan Tree, The
Tail Toddle
Togail Curs Air Leodhas
Wholly Innocent
Would the Minister not Dance
Young Collins

More Power to Your Elbow

A4, 106 pages, illustrated with photographs and line drawings. Ring wire bound (portrait) allowing it to lie open on table or music stand.

Preface by Gordon Mooney. Introduction by Julian Goodacre.

The Manual is divided into 3 parts and 10 appendices.

Part 1 looks at some of the options for Acquiring a set of pipes; the different kinds of pipes to choose from, and the most suitable pitches to consider. There are tips on whether to hire a set, or buy new or second hand.

Part 2 is taken up with the Learning Process, and is divided into four logical steps:- familiarisation with the bellows: a first introduction to fingering the chanter: some basic grace notes with a first tune to try: and finally some more detailed methods and techniques. All the more important points are demonstrated (movie style) on the CD-ROM by Iain MacInnes.

Part 3 Tuning. To get the best possible sound from the pipes, the drones and chanter must be tuned both in their own right and to each other. In this part basic techniques, as well as alternative methods of tuning the drones, are given (and demonstrated on the tutorial videos), together with how to get the best out of the chanter.

The Appendices deal in turn with: Gracing: Basics of Notation: Reeds and Reed-making: Maintenance and Repair: Problem Solving: Playing Pressure: History (of Scottish bellows-blown pipes): Resources (including a limited discography): Glossary, and finally a collection of Tunes (which are graded Easy, Medium, Difficult). Where appropriate (with regard to Gracing, for instance, and some tunes), demonstrations are given by Iain MacInnes playing Scottish smallpipes.

As Julian Goodacre says in the Introduction:

This Manual will be of special benefit to the members of the Society who live overseas and are separated from makers and like-minded pipers by thousands of miles. I commend it not only to novices, but to seasoned pipers. There is a wealth of new tricks here for everyone.

 More Power to Your Elbow no longer comes with a CD; the full tutorial videos are available at http://lbps.net/lbps/tutorial-videos.html


PART 1 Acquiring a Set of Pipes

PART 2 The Learning Process


PART 3 The Principles of Tuning

APPENDIX 8 Bag & Bellows Technique


Tune Index

Ale is Dear, The
All the way to Newcastle
Andrew Carr
Auld Wife ayont the Fire, The
Birnam Triangle
Sobers of Brechin, The
Bonny Lasses Connie Lasses
Bonny Braes of Elcho, The
Borgue Water
Bride has a Bonny Thing, The
Bure of Carnie, The
Busk Ye, Busk Ye
Caddie Robbie
Ca ' Hawkie through the Joater
Chevy Chase
Cock Knowe, The
Death of the Wren
Dinna think, my Bonny Lassie .....
Fairly Shot of Her
Favorite Dram, The
Fill the Stoup
First of May
Flagon, The
Gala Rant
Hare in the Corn, The
Herd of the Glen, The
Heroic Lad, The
Hey Ca' Thro'
Highland Jigg, A
Highland Solo, A
Highland Two-step, A
Hornpipe, A (Manchester)
I Hae a Wife of my Ane
Inundation, The
Jackey Layton
Major, The
Malt on the Optics
Merry Lads of Ayr
Moonlight on the Border
Pete Rowley's Hornpipe
Reel, A "taken from an old jigg"
Reel, A (after Gillie na Drobhair)
Richard the Rogue
Roses Blow, The
Sheepwife, The
Sorbie Tower
Tending the Steer, with a heavy heart
Torpichen's Rant
Wat Ye what I got late Yestreen
Wild Hills of Wannie, The
Would the Minister not Dance

Video Index

Strapping on the bellows
Putting on the pipes
Holding the chanter
Bellows work
Arm exercise
Pumping and squeezing at same time
Sharing pressure
Pleasing start and finish
Playing the chanter
Exercise 1 - bottom hand notes
Exercise 2 - top hand notes
Exercise 3 - all chanter notes
Exercise 4 - changing notes
Tuning a drone
Playing grace notes
Exercise 5 - G,D,E grace notes
Exercise 6 - grace notes
Exercise 7 - G grace note
Exercise 8 - D grace notes
Exercise 9 - E grace notes
Playing a simple tune
Exercise 10 - Finger exercises
Exercise 11 - fast note sequences
Tuning smallpipes
Tuning the baritone drone
High A grace
F grace
The strikes
Strike and gracenote combined
The Grip
The birl
The trill
The turn
Finale in the chapel (Cadal cha dan mi)