About Your Profile

Your Profile -Introduction

If you have difficulty viewing the screen shots, remember you can zoom in and out on most browsers using the CTL & + keys, the CTL & and mouse wheel, or the Zoom option on the VIEW menu

All Registered Users have their own profile. This is where the site stores information about them. Once logged-in you can see your profile by using the menu item immediately below the log-in, labelled, surprisingly, 'Your Profile'..


The screen shot shows the various sections of the Profile page; At the top left are two buttons which are described in the tutorial 'Editing Your Profile'. The right hand top shows the online status and how long the user has been registered. These fields are of value when you are viewing another user's profile {see the tutorial on  'Searching for Users'].

The 'Avatar' is an image which accompanies your presence on the site [eg in the Forum]. When you first log-in a default image is set. You can change this to an image of your choosing, even upload your own. For more on this topic see 'Editing Your Profile'

The bottom section of your profile displays a series of tabs where your information is stored. The default view shows the tab with your basic contact information, your name as you entered it at registration {when you are editing your profile, this tab will also display your username and your encoded password]. For more on these tabs see 'Exploring Your Profile'.