Borders CD Playlist

Border CD playlist

Volume 5 of the Borders Traditions series.
Featuring: Calum Galleitch, Gordon Mooney, Chris Ormston, Chris Waite.

"For me, the beauty of this album is to be found in the freedom of ornamentation and choice of embellishment which allow for both naturalness of expression and development of individual style. These features give strength to the identity of Borders piping. Tasteful and energetic accompaniment adds to the overall impact of this engaging album." Fred Morrison 'Instrumentalist of the Year', 2004 Trad Awards.
    Track List
  • 1 John Anderson/Hey Ca' Thru (Chris Ormston - Border Pipes)
  • 2 Jimmy Allan / Geld Him Lasse / Coffee and Tea / Skint o' Siller (Gordon Mooney - smallpipes)
  • 3 Seventeen Minutes to Midnight / Waite's Rell (Chris Waite- Border Pipes)
  • 4 The Upland Way (Gordon Mooney - smallpipes)
  • 5 Rattlin Roarin Willie / Brose and Butter / My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing (Chris Ormston - Border Pipes)
  • 6 Chevy Chase / Cock up Your Beaver / Come Boat me Over (Chris Ormston - Border Pipes)
  • 7 Duns Dings A' / Shona's Reel / Lowland Amusement (Gordon Mooney - smallpipes) 
  • 8 Sheena's Air / Teribus (Calum Galleitch- smallpipes)
  • 9 Westlin' Winds / Gatby's March / The Mill, the Mill o' (Chris Ormston smallpipes)
  • 10 Stumpie / Jacky Latin (Chris Ormston smallpipes)
  • 11 Gingling Geordie (Calum Galleitch- smallpipes)
  • 12 Wee Totum Fogg / Rob Shear'd in Hairst/ Duncan Gray (Chris Ormston - smallpipes)
  • 13 The Souters o' Selkirk (Calum Galleitch- smallpipes)