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More Power to Your Elbow Now Available

The long-awaited revised edition of this sought-after tutor for bellows pipes is now available from the LBPS Shop



Roderick D Cannon

Yesterday morning we received the sad news of the sudden death of Dr Roderick D Cannon. His name maybe most familiar to pipers as the author of 'The Highland Bagpipe and its Music', but many may be unaware of the seminal role he played in the 1970's in the revival of the bagpipe in England. Members of the LBPS will be aware of his great interest in the music of William Dixon; he chaired the 1997 collogue conference on the Dixon manuscript and was even heard to play Dixon's music at a meeting of the Piobaireachd Society. Others may be aware of his scholarly work on Piobaireachd and his edition of the Treatise by Joseph MacDonald. A man whose interest in piping recognised no boundaries.

His sudden and unexected demise leaves a large hole in the world of piping scholarship.

Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame

Hamish Moore, immediate past Chairman of LBPS, was recently inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. You can read about his achievement HERE

Jim Buchanan

We are very sorry to announce the death of Jim Buchanan, who died after a brief illness on August 1st. Jim served tirelessly on the LBPS Committee for many years, both as secretary and Chairman. He attended nearly all the Society’s events and was much loved by all who met him; his warmth, geniality, wit and enthusiasm were infectious. He was happily married to Ann and was enormously proud of their three daughters and their grand children. He will be sadly missed.


A Piper's Head Re-appears

A welcome update to this ongoing tale.

We are delighted to report that the piper's head has been found and plans are being re-invigorated to restore this unique item of Scottish cultre to its former glory.



New Music Competition Results

We are delighted to announce the results of the 30th Anniversary New Music Competition. Results were first announced at the Peebles Collogue where the first two winning entries were performed by their composers [the thrid prize went to the USA]

First prize: Gary West - 'The Jedburgh Ba' Game'

Second prize: Paul Roberts - 'The Gin Drinker's Dream'

Third Prize: Craig Hohm - 'The Waterdog'.

Sound files of these available soon.


Search the Common Stock Archive

Thanks to a development grant from the LBPS, the Common Stock Archive is now text-searchable.

This resource comprises all 30 years of the Journal, as well as the three 'Supplements' issued in the first few years.


Common Stock June 2013 Now Available Online

  30th Anniversary Issue

  Available to subscribers online now;

 Log-in and click on the cover image.

 Corrections: something unfortunate ocurred with the music published in one article in this issue.

 A corrected version is available when you click this image.

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June issue of Common Stock available now

The June 2012 issue of Common Stock is now available online to subscribers. CLICK HERE.

This article contains two 'supplements ' - Callum Armstrong demonstrates the extended range of his Scottish smallpipe [two and a half octaves] - and more information and image of the common-stock, bellows-blown bagpipe from Limousin, France. It also includes two corrections.


Smallpipes for hire

The Society now owns six sets of smallpipes available for hire to members.  All are out on hire at this time, but we have a steady turnover so get your name on the waiting list now!


LBPS Development Grants

 Applications are invited for the Spring 2015 awards of the  LBPS development grants. Thes grants were introduced in the spring of 2012 for the financial support of projects which will advance the Society’s aims, viz. the promotion of Lowland / Border music and the playing of cauld wind pipes. Awards will be considered on April 11th and should be submitted to arrive by April 3rd.

Click here for full details.

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