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LBPS at the Festival Fringe- Edinburgh

Dansing and Pyping thru the Toun - an introduction to Scotland's forgotten bagpipes

The event was a great success - more or less full house

thanks to all who took part. Now for the Colloquium on Monday...

St Cecilia's Hall, Cowgate, Edinburgh

Carving of a piper, originally on a gate pillar at Ballinton, now built into a wall at Abercairney
"Everyone is familiar with the highland piper, a proud representative of Scottish culture around the world. Far fewer will be aware of the even longer history of the bagpipes and pipers of the Lowland and Border regions of Scotland. Here we trace their story from the 15th century to the present, with images of pipers from the past and performances of the music they are known to have played on reproductions of their instruments, culminating in a celebration of the current revival of the pipes and their music." {from the webite of the The Piper's Whim Exhibition]
Ticket prices: Adults 10 pounds; Concessions 8 pounds; Children at school or younger Free (up to four children per adult or concession; school parties by arrangement): In association with Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
More details of the events at the Piper's Whim Exhibition website