Two ancient 'B minor' tunes

The first tune is as ancient as any pipe tunes that have survived. This version is adapted from that in Henry Atkinson's manuscript, (Northumberland, c.1692) but it must be at least 150 years older than that since it fits perfectly the words printed in a collection of 'spritual' parodies of popular songs, called 'The Guidly Ballads' which first appeared in 1560. Rabbie Burns later quoted a set of words that he knew which must be akin to the 16th century original. An extended version of the tune, set a tone lower, appears in Ridddell's 1794 collection as 'Torpichen's Rant'.


Whair must our Gudeman Ly

The second tune is slightly more recent, appearing first in the 'MacFarlane' mansucript, written out in 1740 by David Young, 'Music Writer, Edinburgh'. The beautifully-drawn manuscript is now in the National Library of Scotland; someone (who knew the song perhaps) has pencilled in after the title 'and a tenant of my own'

A Pretty Wench


[These versions of both are tunes taken from 'Welcome Home My Dearie - Piping in the Scottish Lowlands 1690-1900' by Pete Stewart, available from the shop]