an' A' That

One consequence of allowing yourself 'flexibility' in any performance is, as you may have noticed in my previous recording, that you're running the risk of making mistakes. For most bellows pipers, coming from a pipe-band or other GHB background I suspect the idea of 'embracing' mistakes is quite challenging. But for those with a background in playing for dancing or playing in sessions the idea and the practise will be familiar. My approach involves two things. Firstly, I'll try to 'accept' the mistake, to ride over it without allowing it to interrupt the performance; the second, which often emerges directly from the first, involves 'embracing' the mistake - I'll try to remember it and re-use in the repeat if possible so that it becomes a basis for developing a performance Sometimes a mistake treated this way will not work so well and can be quickly overlooked, but sometimes I may uncover a valuable addition to the performance and want to include or enhance it for future performances.

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