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TOPIC: Pipe & Song

Pipe & Song 4 years 5 months ago #282

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Inspired by the performances in this event at the recent LBPS competition, I have been trying singing along to my pipes, with disappointing, nay painful, results. Apart from the difficulties of multi-tasking (mind + voice + fingers + bag +bellows), which I hope may improve with practice, I find that my voice and my pipes are not well agreed tonally. We start off on the same note, trying to sing and play in unison, but there are many points of dissonance. I’ve checked the tuning of my chanter and it’s not bad, and while I am no Pavarotti, I am not tone deaf. Is it just me or have others experienced any problems in this area? Any hints or tips would be welcome, as this was one of my reasons for taking up the smallpipes.
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Re: Pipe & Song 4 years 5 months ago #284

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I did sing along with the smallpipes during performances it took a while to get used to do it. I've heard that there are some sort of harmonics that make singing with the pipes not easy. But I think there's nothing that can't be overcome with passion and patience ;)
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Re: Pipe & Song 4 years 4 months ago #288

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I'm no expert, [as you can tell from the sound file] but I wonder whether perhaps the problem is that when you sing you change pressure on the bag, and hence the tuning; I find this is often lowering pressure and a drop in pitch, rather than the increase in pressure you might expect when you breath in. Getting the bellows strap in a good position that does not constrict breathing helps too.
Singing a D with A drones sounding is going to be a challenge too, since your drone harmonics are sounding E and C#. Plenty of volume in your voice helps.
I would suggest also trying to sing intervals with your chanter, rather than unison . I find thirds particularly challenging but essential.
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