The Master Piper Returns

The new edition of The Master Piper is now available in the LBPS shop.

The new edition of The Master Piper is now available in the LBPS shop.

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Since it's original publication in 1995, Mat Seattle's edition of the manuscript book of William Dixon, dated 1733, has continued to provide challenges and disucssions and some controaversies among pipers.As Roderick Cannon remarked - 'beyond all doubt, this is the oldest known manuscript of bagpipe music.' The 40 tunes it contains make up a unique collection of a repertoire which once must have been familiar to border pipers but which has since survived only in modified versions amongst some branches of the northumbrian pipers' tradition. Anyone interested in the lowland and border music should have a copy of this collection. CLICK HERE to view details


William Dixon’s Tunes

1 Watty’s Away 21 There Was A Wedding In The West
2 Dorrington Lads 22 Wally As The Marquess Ran
3 Have A Care Of Her Johnny 23 Canny Willie Foster
4 Hacky Honey 24 Young And Lusty Was I
5 Hit Her Between The Legs 25 Over The Dyke & Till Her Laddy
6 The Black And The Grey 26 Saw Ye Never A Bonny Lass
7 Wallington 27 Souters Of Selkirk
8 John Cuthbertson’s Fancy 28 The Lasses Bushes Brawly
9 Minuet ~ Edward The Second 29 Little Wee Winking Thing
10 An Thou Were My Ain Thing 30 Adam A Bell
11 Stool Of Repentance 31 Gingling Geordie
12 How She Will Never Be Guided 32 My Love Comes Passing By Me
13 Dick’s Away 33 The Apprentice Lads Of Alnwick
14 Cuddy Claw’d Her 34 Cut And Dry Dolly New Way
15 “Dixon’s Highland Laddie” 35 Nichol Foster’s Hornpipe
16 Cock On The Midden 36 Mock The Soldier’s Lady
17 Hey For Newbiggin 37 The New Way To Bowden
18 Golden Locks 38 Berwick Bully
19 The New Way To Morpeth 39 Jack Lattin
20 Lasses Make Your Tails Toddle 40 Rattling Roving Willie