The Lowland and Border repertoire is quite distinct in style and content from that of its Highland counterpart, though many Lowland tunes have been adapted for Highland pipers.
Here you will find various explorations of this repertoire, some general and introductory, some in-depth. You will also find individual tunes and complete collections on the MUSIC page

Digging the Dird

A pdf version of the article on the Lowland Scots Reel by Pete Stewart [originally published in Common Stock, December 2011] is now available by clicking HERE [I.4MB fiel opens in new tab]

Fairly Shot of Her

In the December issue of Common Stock we printed three versions of this tune, two from the 17th century and one from the 19th; here are a number of 18th & early 19th century versions, chosen for their variety of 'interpretations' and 'developments' of the original song theme, which I currently take to be that notated by Henry Atkinson in his manuscript, though there may have been a 'different' tune in circulation which eventually got concatenated with Atkinson's.


Tune of the Month Music

September's tune is 'Cuddy Claw'd Her' -


Malcome Kaird's Come Again

One of the bagpipe settings included in George Skene's Music Book, 1717. The oldest known notated bagpipe music from Scotland



The Triple Time Hornpipe

An updated version of the essay published in Three Extraordinary Collections, by Pete Stewart