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Malcome Kaird's Come Again

One of the bagpipe settings included in George Skene's Music Book, 1717. The oldest known notated bagpipe music from Scotland


George Skene was a member of the Skene family of Aberdeenshire; he was also the author of a Journal describing his trip to London [1729] in which he describes a visit to a piper named Bell in Penrith. This is one of the most detailed descriptions of bellows piping from that time. In it he describes the playing of several sets of bellows-pipes.

This tune is one of four in the manuscript, which consists of fiddle settings, whose titles imply they are taken from pipers. Its full title is 'Malcome Kaird's Comer Again - Bagpipe Way' [the others are titled 'Cauld Kail in Aberdeen-castocks in Strabogie- Bagpipe humour', 'Gaird the Cogie for the pipe Ingram's Set' and 'Wat ye what I got late Yestreen - Bagpipe Set'] [NLS MS Adv. 5.2.21  ' George Skene’s Musick Book', 1717.] This transcription is taken from Pete Stewart's 'Welcome Home My Dearie Piping in the Scottish Lowlands 1690-1900', which contains all Skene's pipe tunes and is available form the LBPS shop.