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Digging the Dird

A pdf version of the article on the Lowland Scots Reel by Pete Stewart [originally published in Common Stock, December 2011] is now available by clicking HERE [I.4MB fiel opens in new tab]

New Publication - A Step in Time

In this collection, we present a selection of Quicksteps, 68 in all, drawn primarily from the old collections by the likes of Donald MacDonald, Angus MacKay and John MacLachlan. As has been demonstrated so ably by our tutors, these tunes are ideally suited to playing on ‘cauld wind’ pipes.

Available from the shop: Click HERE

Finlay MacDonald Band

Searching for photos of Teaching Weekend tutor Finlay MacDonald I came across this video from 2007; not quite what you expect in the Royal Scottish Pipers Society perhaps...



Gouging the cane  Have you ever considered making your own reeds?
This resource [work in progress] aims to help ...


Fairly Shot of Her

In the December issue of Common Stock we printed three versions of this tune, two from the 17th century and one from the 19th; here are a number of 18th & early 19th century versions, chosen for their variety of 'interpretations' and 'developments' of the original song theme, which I currently take to be that notated by Henry Atkinson in his manuscript, though there may have been a 'different' tune in circulation which eventually got concatenated with Atkinson's.


Lowland Amusement- a piper's blog

Lowland Amusement is a blog by Pete Stewart; it is an ongiong record of one piper's exploration of the music of the Scottish Lowland and Border regions. You can read, comment on and subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog by clicking HERE