Competition Playlists

2010 Competition

    Here is the Playlist for the 2010 competition held in Edinburgh


Scottish smallpipe Open

1st: Hamish Moore
MacGregor's Search/ St Joseph's

2nd: Fin Moore sorry - no recording currently available
Braes of Tully Met/ Wedding Reel/ Dancing Feet

3rd: Euan Whitmore Ass in the Graveyard/ Jigs 1 & 2/ Hornpipe

Open solo Lowland/Border Pipe

1st: Fin Moore
Atom of Delight/ Hey Jonny/ Paddy Corina's/ White Houses of Shieldiag

2nd: Euan Whitmore
Please note: this recording includes only the first 36secs of the performance; the rest was not recorded - sorry
Por La Libertas/ Seonaidh's Tune/ Atholl Highlanders/ Murray's Fancy

3rd: Jean Luc Lefuacheur Slow Air/ Aires Pontivedia

Duet for Pipes

1st: Fin Moore and Lawrence Thomson
Ann Blyth's Waltza [LT]/ Jean Mochlin/ Scobie and the Wasp [LT]

2nd: Matt Seattle and Bill Telfer
Wild Hills o' Wannies/ Holey Halfpenny

3rd: Euan Whitmore and Jean Luc Lefaucheur (sorry -no recording currently available
An Eala Bhan/ Steam Train to Mallaig

Pat Taylor and John Mackay
Wild Hills o' Wannies/ One Moves [Jon Swayne]

Duet for pipes and other instrument

1st: Fin Moore and Hamish Moore (Pipes and Fiddle)
Farewell to the Tay/ Rocking Stone/ Boys of Ballymont

2nd: Jean Luc Lefaucheur and Tristan Le Govie
Braes of Lochiel/Gavotte Fisel

3rd: John Mackay and Neil Mackay (pipes and guitar) (sorry -no recording currently available
Sea of Love/ St Joseph's

New Composition

Joint 1st: Tiber Falzett
Cormac Cannon's Reel

Joint 1st: Bill Telfer
Border Ballad

3rd: Claire Miller
Dave and Angy's Wedding