New Beginners’ smallpipes class - Edinburgh

 beginning 10th September, 2014

For anyone interested in learning to play scottish smallpipes, the Edinburgh based Scots Music Group is offering a class for beginners.  Taught by Ben Miller the class will begin on Wednesday 10th September, at Boroughmuir High School, between 7.00 and 9.00 pm and run for 12 weeks. 

   Ideally participants should have access to a set of smallpipes in A.  For anyone keen to participate but without access to an instrument please contact LBPS Pipe Hire Steward Allan Sturrock (Click to Contact ) and we will try to help if possible.   


 Details about the Scots Music Group, fees and how to enrol can be found on the SMG website (http://www.scotsmusic.org/). 

 An existing smallpipes class taught by Fin Moore is also available for more experienced players, on the same evening.  For those looking to enjoy the pleasure of playing with other instruments the SMG offer a number of mixed instrument classes.