The Lowland Jig

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An intruiging demonstration of the matter of performing 3-time tunes from the early 18th century was suggested to me by a post on the tradtunes email list; it involves a discussion of the difference between two dance forms, the 'muineira' and the 'Jota'


first, the muneira: a little military, perhaps, but you see how this rhythm is appropriate for tunes such as Blanche of Middlebie, until you get to the variations...

and a Jota; this seems to me to be the appropriate rhythm for a tune like 'Cuddy Claw'd her', and many of the jigs that include semi-quaver runs [when written in 6/8] [the traditional music to this rhythm is quite different]

The videos on this channel offer some exciting insights into how some fresh thinking on rhythmic accompaniments might breath some surprising life into many of these tunes.