Using the Forum

Forum -Introduction

The Forum offers users the opportunity to exchange news, ideas and questions, as well as post small-adds and event news.

Any visitor to the site can read the Forum but only Registered Users can submit posts.

Forum Users are encouraged to read the Rules, accessible from the Forum Menu on the Forum Page. Among other things, these include important guides to the posting of copyright music.

Forum Screen

Top Left the scrren displays your Avatar; top right you can access your Private Messages and managa your announcments from these links



When viewing the Forum Pages, you have access to a Forum Menu to the righ-hadn side;

Forum Menu Screen

The default display is 'Recent Topics; the rest of this article will look at the other options; note that the Forum contains its own Help Page; this is a general guide to using the forum; the pages here are specific to the way it is displayed in this site.

Forum Index Screen

This page displays the Board Categories that have been set up so far; the web team at LBPS will be creating new ones as required. Clicking on any of the category titles will display the posts on that board category.

If you are a registered User you wil be able to access the New Topic menu item:here you can create a new Topic by submitting its first post; user will be able to reply to your topic [starting a 'Thread']

Forum New Topic Screen


Note that at the bootm of the page you can choose to 'subscribe' to your topic [or any other topic you may view]. By checking this box you will receive emails when new posts are added to your topic.

The next two menu items are self-explanatory; they display the topice as indicated; the profile option will display the information entered in your user profile, though you can edit it. Changes made here to items that appear in your User profile will be reflected there.

The Forum Search page offers a powerful search facility for posts contained in the Forum's various boards.




Forum Index ScreenT