How does this verse incorporate our two basic elements?
First. Let’s consider the engine;
This is the basic long-short engine. It runs throughout the piece.
This is a ‘whole-body’ thing, but since we can’t use our arms, we’ll settle for thighs and feet. {Note- we remain seated throughout] Rest your feet about shoulder-width apart and raise your heels. We’re going to tap the heel twice, once for the long and once for the short; you’ll probably find this easiest if you allow your knee and foot to bounce lightly for the ‘second-half’ of the long beat [in usual three-beat terms, this is the second beat, here rather suppressed]. I know some pipers have a bit of trouble with doing this at the same time as piping, so don't labour with it. However, it is important, in my mind, that you do get a grasp of the engine in some way, and this footwork is a good way, even if you have to abandon it when you start playing.

Each verse of the tune has four ‘lines’. They can be heard as ‘question and answer’; in fact, we can hear that lines one and three are the same; they are the question. Lines two and four are answers but they are rather different ones. We might describe the rhyming scheme of our poem as AB1AB2 where the first answer is tentative, and the second more final.
Each of these lines has its own way of dividing up the basic long-short engine [they are, in this case, each one bar long].
We’re going to explore these sub-divisions using our voice; I find that in practice I am ‘grinding’ my teeth rather and singing silently. But let’s say it out loud:
We’ll start with the first ‘verse’.
First the question [line 1]:
Doodle deedle dum  [note that the second deedle is not emphasised]

Then the answer [line 2]: Doodle deedle doodle

Now the whole two lines: Doodle deedle dum Doodle deedle doodle
Line 3 is as line 1; line 4 is as line 3 except that the second answer is rather more emphatic than the first, with a diddlee replacing the doodle: Doodle deedle didley  

And now the whole verse, the question and answer repeated, with the emphasis on the repeat of the answer:
Doodle deedle dum - Doodle deedle doodle - Doodle deedle dum - Doodle deedle didley