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“Tig” is the title of the band ‘Serious Kitchen’, (formerly Muckle Flugga) latest CD.

It features Vicki Swan, (LBPS past membership secretary), on Scottish smallpipes, (by Hamish Moore), and flute, Nick Hennessy on vocals, harp and concertina, and Jonny Dwyer on guitars and low whistle with Steafan Hannigan as guest percussionist (“egg” and bodhran). The first and very busy set is called “The Kilt Set” and, according to the notes, was inspired one Hogmanay in Scotland wearing a kilt...... “commando” style - the tunes

are “Odd Socks, Going Commando and The Checkered Kilt”. Need I say more? Things calm down after this.

As with Serious Kitchen’s previous CD, “On The Mash”, many of the tracks are traditional ‘big’ ballads featuring the distinctive singing of Nick Hennessy. Vicki provides educational and excellent backings on smallpipes in A, bodhran and flute.

There is one track that I have played many times “The Silkie of Sule Skerrie”, on which she achieves some amazing clarinet style slides over two whole tones. The sombre and mysteri- ous nature of the song is augmented by the dark sound of the pipe. There are some fine ex- amples of the use of smallpipes to give atmosphere to the ‘big ballads’.

Another fine track is W.B. Yeates’ beautiful lyric “Sally Gardens” to which they have ex- pertly fitted to their own tune. I particularly admire the sensitive playing and compositions of Jonny Dyer on guitar. I find their own compositions to be more appealing than the tradi- tional tracks, which do not add significantly to the cannon of traditional ballads, albeit very competently sung.

Serious Kitchen’s tasty output of Celtic music, which began with “Fluggary”, “Celtic Labyrinth” and then “Thumb Twiddling” and “On The Mash” and now “Tig” is alive with interesting flavours and textures. The contemporary tracks on “Tig” are my favourites.

Recorded at Oisin Studios in Milton Keynes and manufactured by Cyclone Productions Ltd, Wetfoot Music WFM 020831.

Their website is still under construction.