1986 – 2016  thirty years of pipe-making

On Saturday November 5th in the Counting House, Edinburgh a very distinguished company assembled to see Simon Thoumire present Hamish with a Landmark Award on behalf of with a Hands Up for Trad*. In his speech Simon said
“Hamish was inducted to the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2014 and it is my pleasure tonight to represent Hands Up for Trad and present Hamish and Fin Moore with our Landmark Award for amazing services to our industry. Congratulations guys. Here’s to the next 30!”
And in his report on the Hands Up for Trad website he added:
“The place was packed full of friends and musicians and when I left there were 2 sessions going on in two different rooms and a ceilidh dance in the other room! Please watch the video as once you get past my speech (Simon Thoumire), you can listen to Hamish and Fin play their pipes and a star turn from young piper Brighde Chaimbeul!
At the same event, Janet Lowe, whose late husband Martin was chair of the LBPS until his death in 2011, presented Bridghe Caimbeuil with the set of pipes Hamish had been asked by Martin to make from a laburnum tree that had grown in the garden of the Lowe’s house in Gullane, East Lothian. Hamish had decided that these pipes, inscribed with Martin’s name, should be loaned to a young piper at the beginning of their career, and handed on in Martin’s memory.* HANDS UP FOR TRAD was formed in 2002 and exists to increase the profile and visibility of Scottish Traditional Music through Information, Education and Advocacy.

Janet Lowe presents Bridghe with the Martin Lowe Memorial pipes: (photos courtesy of  Louis DeCarlo)