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The competition was held on a glorious spring day at St Anne’s Community centre, just off the Cowgate, Edinburgh. It may be that the fine weather, the difficulty of parking or an early Easter meant that some decided not to attend. Numbers were noticeably down on last year with many familiar faces absent.

That being said we still had a fun and traditionally laid back day amidst the strong smell of fresh paint. It is a great atmosphere with lots of different instruments being assembled. The sound of players practising, groups clustered round the cafe tables, competitors readying themselves for performance, music being written out. The contrast between the nerves be- fore and the look of relief on the competitors faces after performing. The acoustics of the hall were good.

One of the great strengths of the LBPS competition is the broad spectrum of tunes heard, some familiar but many new and interesting to the ear. Sixty-eight different tunes were played with very few heard twice.

The Intermediate and New Composition classes were the largest, each attracting more com- petitors than last year. The Society needs to address a clear problem when the standard in the Intermediate class amongst many of the competitors is higher than in the Open. Many competitors believe that in order to compete in the Open they must first win the Intermedi- ate. This is not the case. The only rule is that the winner of the Intermediate class must go forward to compete in the Open. Next year this problem will hopefully be ironed out. I would suggest that all placed players in the Intermediate go forward to the Open.

The Novice class attracted a single entry but Annie Rutherford well deserved her trophy and hopefully will be back next year.

It is always great to see new faces competing and each year usually provides some strong new comers. Chip Doehring and Scott Riley had travelled all the way from the Czech Re- public to take part and as well as being entertained by their playing we got two new mem- bers! The audience also thoroughly enjoyed listening to Daniel Houghton’s playing on the Border pipes. Those who went on to ‘The Tass’ on the Royal Mile after the competition heard a lot more of Daniel’s playing.

A few competitors had time over-runs which cost them places. A 15 second over-run is al- lowed but a 45 second over-run results in losing 10 points!

There was a get together after the competition at ‘The Tass’ and a fair bit of music played.


On a personal note I would like to thank all those who were involved in helping and giving of their time. The competition would not happen without a lot of people agreeing to help.

MC: Hamish Moore

The Judges: Iain Maclnnes, Hamish Moore, Nigel Richard, Gary West Time keeper: Alan Paul

Entry: Ian MacDonald

Memberships and Raffle: Naill Anderson Competition entries and admin: Dick Edie Calling competitors: Kenneth Dickson Judging cards: Stuart Letford Photography: Bill Sutherland

Teas: Jeannie Campbell and Rona MacDonald Presenting prizes: Rona MacDonald

For all those who donated food for the teas For all those who donated raffle prizes

To all the competitors for competing

Apologies for any omissions - I owe you a beer.

Next year is the 20th competition and an important milestone for the society. We hope to make it a special event. Members please get practising!

The 19th Annual LBPS Competition results


Intermediate (7 entries) - The Julian Goodacre Trophy - Judge: Gary West

1st Stuart Letford. Jack Latin

2nd Bill Bennett. Duns Ding, Hamilton Nutsack, John Keith Laing, Border Jig

3rd Ian Mackay. The Little House Under the Hill, Home to the Kyles, Unknown Reel, Mrs Macleod of Raasay

Pipe and song (2 entries) - The Jimmy Wilson Memorial Cup - Judge: Gary West

1st Donald Lindsay. Jack Latin

2nd Malcolm Maclnnes. Busk Busk, Bonnie Lassie

New composition (8 entries) - The London Trophy - Judge: Hamish Moore

1st Daniel Houghton. In Praise of the Whiskey Garlic Bread 2nd Pete Stewart. When All the World was New and All 3rd Donald Lindsay. The Hurricane


Duet for pipes and other instrument (5 entries) - Dunfermline Tassies - Judge: Nigel Richard

1st Jim Buchanan and David Dunlop. My Home Town, Tail Toddle, Drops of Brandy

2nd Daniel Houghton and Cammy Robson. Dr Maclnnes Fantasy, Kalabahan, Hair of the Dog

3rd Donald and Sheryl Lindsay. The Dancer, Making for the Shore, MacKenzie Rebellion

Seasoned pipers (2 entries) - The Nigel Richard Trophy - Judge: Nigel Richard

1st Iain Murray. Jack’s Gone a Shearing, The Curlew

2nd David Stevenson. Long Reveille (Soldiers Return), Granny Duncan, Wearing of the Green, Johny Cope

Novice (1 entry) - The Heriot and Allan Quaich - Judge: Iain MacInnes

1st Annie Rutherford. The Barren Rocks of Aden, The Blackberry

Open solo for Scottish small pipes (5 entries) - Colin Ross Trophy - Judge: Iain MacInnes

1st Donald Lindsay. The Bagpipe Tune, Trip to Kelso, Jack Latin 2nd Nigel Bridges. Song for Smallpipes, The Shaggy Grey Buck 3rd = Robin Beck. High Road to Gairloch

3rd = Pete Stewart. Two Scottish Brawls, Jack Warren’s Hornpipe

Duet for pipes (3 entries) - Mains Castle Medals - Judge: Nigel Richard

1st Chip Doehring and Scott Riley. Is Maith Le Nora, O’ The Britches Full of Stitches, Kevin’s Polka, Maggie Shanley’s Jig

2nd Bill Bennett and Stuart Letford. McPherson’s Farewell, Corn Rigs, The Waters of Kylesku, The Hag at the Chum, Drops of Brandy

3rd Jim Buchanan and Iain Murray. Song for Smallpipes, Monck’s March, The Beard on the Chin.

Open solo for lowland/border pipes (3 entries) - Hamish Moore Cup - Judge: Hamish Moore

1st Daniel Houghton. Sonny’s Mazurka, The Ass in the Graveyard, Rip the Calico 2nd Chip Doehring. Prelude, Barren Rocks of Aden, Teribus, The Piper’s Muse 3rd Jim Buchanan. Lindisfarne (special arrangement).


And Donald Lindsay writes - This years competition was characterised by a change of venue - or rather, a return to the St Anne’s Community Centre in the Cowgate. Having only joined the LBPS in the last couple of years, I had enjoyed the cosy atmosphere in the Quaker Meeting House, and was pleased to discover that St Anne’s is pretty much the same!

There was a lot of good music from regulars and newcomers alike, and a good audience all of which contributed to making the day a success.

The furthest travelled pipers award must go this year to Chip Doehring & Scott Riley who came all the way from the Czech Republic (I czeched the spelling just to be sure!) and were rewarded for their efforts with a first prize in the duet for pipes (on Border Pipes), as well as a 2nd for Chip in the Border Open Solo.

Stuart Letford provided an excellent interpretation of Dixon's 10-part setting of ‘Jack Latin’ to win the Intermediate class, and I went on to tire everyone of the tune by singing to it in ‘Pipe & Song’, and including the shorter 3-part Irish version in my ‘Open Smallpipe’ set, ensuring that everyone went away from the day with ‘diddle-diddle dum-dee dee-dum dum’ ringing in their ears.

The duet of pipes & concertina performed by Jim Buchanan and David Dunlop made a very tasteful & traditional pairing. The sound of the two instruments seems very close, and works together very well indeed. Electric guitar also made an appearance, as well as clarinet (twice), and a lively contemporary edge given by the pairing of Dan Houghton on pipes & Cammy Robson on cittern which is becoming a standard session pairing.

Pipe & Song-ers sorely missed crowned king Davie Robertson’s annual Muckle Sang, and with David Stevenson choosing not to compete in the end there were only two of us this year. I shouldn’t complain too much however, as I got a nice big cup to put on my mantle- piece for singing ‘Jack Latin’, and Malcolm gave a solid rendition of ‘Busk Busk’ and ‘Bonnie Lassie’.

The Novice class only had one entrant, young Annie Rutherford. However, she played ex- cellently and very much deserved to win the class - if our present efforts to interest young pipers through events surrounding the Collogue are successful, next year’s novice class should have a good few more entrants.

Anyone hoping for the usual broad spectrum of pipes, styles & tunes couldn't have been dis- appointed, and although we couldn’t stay long at the session (due to the tiny Lindsay who is on the way, arriving in early September!) in the Tass afterwards it seemed to be shaping up to be a great night..................