LBPS Annual Competition – Saturday 27th March 2021


We are pleased to announce the results of this year's annual competition, held via Zoom:

                                                       RESULTS OF THE LBPS ANNUAL COMPETITION 2021



Pete Stewart

Wo Betyd Thy Wearie Bodie (Skene, MS, 1615)

An Old Man Is a Bed of Bones (Playford 1651 arr Stewart)

I Am a Silly Old Man (Balcarres MS as ‘Gin the kirk would let me be 1695)


John Kelly

Mary Scott the Flower of Yarrow



Jody Lynch

Teddy o Neill  (Air)

The Clare jig and The Nora Crionna hornpipe

The Wonky Table




Alexander Sime-Scott

The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow,

Lassie Gae Milk on My Cow Hill


Ruari Black

The Rose of Allendale   /   Knucklehead

Johnny the Tree Wrecker


Caroline Barden

Wee Totum Fogg

Pawkie Adam Glen


PIPE AND SONG CLASS (Judge: Iain MacInnes)


Ian Crane

Tha Mi Sgith


Pete Stewart

The Ballad of Jock Elliot




Stuart Letford

John Anderson   My Jo / Jack Latin (from Dixon)

Lassies o’ Melrose

Joint 2nd

Norman Macleod

Dark Lowers the Night (3/4 Retreat),

Hacky Honey (9/4 from Dixon, tune #4)

John Charles Bauschatz

Shuidh Mi air Cnocan an t-Siùil

A Bhean Ud A-staigh Hì Rì a Bho

Horo Hug Gur e an Latha

He Mo Leannan, Ho Mo Leannan

Clo Mhicllemhiceil


Bill Bennett

My Home Town,

Scarce of Tatties,

Drops of Brandy

Aye Walkin O




Stuart Letford

Rowan Tree (arrangement by Mark Stewart, Crieff)

The Lasses Bushes Brawly (from Dixon; the first four parts only)

Dixon’s Highland  Laddie (from Dixon but I shall miss our parts 6 and 7 due to time constraints).


David Faulkner

Joyful Days Will Come (David Faulkner) 

Dorrington Lads (Rook manuscript)


Ian Crane

Wat Ye What I Got Late Yestreen

Kiss'd Her Under the Coverlet


  lbpscomp1iancrane s 0a5b2   lbpscomp2stuartletford b8e70   

                           Ian Crane                                                                        Stuart Letford   

 lbpscomp3davidfaulkner s 1ef22

                       David Faulkner

Videos of the prize-winning entries and others have now been uploaded onto the LBPS YouTube channel:

 Details of the day and the arrangements followed for entry can be seen below:


Competition Schedule:

  • 09.30 Virtual meet and greet, connect and chat
  • 09.50 Welcome by Gary West
  • 09.55 Housekeeping/guidance for the audience
  • 10.00 Seasoned pipers class — Judge: Lee Moore
  • 11.10 Intermediate pipers class — Judge: Iain MacInnes
  • 12.20 Comfort Break — open chat
  • 12.30 pm Solo pipe and song class — Judge: Iain MacInnes
  • 13.00–14.00 Lunch break — open chat
  • 14.00 Open Scottish Smallpipes class — Judge: Hamish Moore
  • 15.15 Open Lowland & Borders pipes class — Judge: Gordon Mooney
  • 15.45–16.00 Open chat while results are collated
  • 16.00 Results — Gary West


Entries can be submitted from 31st January 2021 and all entries must be submitted by Friday 5th March 2021 (see details for entering below). We are very sorry but we cannot accept any entries after this date.

Members are encouraged to enter this year’s online live competition which will be hosted on Zoom. If you would like a flavour of what is involved, a video of the 2018 competition is available on our new YouTube channel

A Zoom link will be made available to members shortly before the event.

If you are not yet a member of the Society, you are very welcome to join. Membership subscription rates start at £9 per year. Membership includes reduced rates at the LBPS shop, invitations to Zoom social and tutorial sessions, and access to the latest issues of the Society’s journal Common Stock, either online or posted out to you. Choose the subscription rate you prefer.


 The rules for the competition are on the LBPS website and entries are open to all members playing bellows pipes in accordance with the rules.

Due to time constraints entries will be limited and allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

As soon as possible after the closing date, players will be informed about:

  • The Class or Classes they have entered.
  • Their allocated time slot. Please note that this will be strictly adhered to to allow the event to run to schedule.


How to enter a Class

Please send an email to Judy Barker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5th March 2021. Please remember that we cannot accept any entries after that date.


Your email must include the following information, please:

  • Your Name
  • Where you live
  • Your Phone number (in case we need to contact you about your entry)
  • The type of bellows pipes you play
  • The Class you wish to enter (please send a separate email for each class)
  • The Name of your Tunes or Song


Permission to Record – Important - please read

We would also like you to state in this email that you give your permission for us to record your performance in order that it may be included on our YouTube channel

However, if, after you have played, you decide that you would prefer that your performance does not appear on our YouTube channel, all you need to do is send an email to the above email address and let us know, and we will of course respect your wishes.