The results of the two LBPS Competition classes held at the Annual Collogue and AGM in October 2021

The Society held its Annual Collogue and AGM at the end of October along with two remaining classes from the competition in what turned out to be a very pleasant day at Old Gala House in the Scottish borders.

The competition was organised by Anne Duncan and featured a mix of in-person and pre-recorded entries.  Hamish Moore was the judge along with members of the audience in the time honoured fashion.

Some of the performances can be watched on the LBPS Youtube channel at Lowland & Border Pipers' Society Official - YouTube

The winners were:
Skeely Piper, Sir Walter Scott theme
1 - Robert Porter - Jack Lattin
2 equal - Matt Seattle - Soor Plums, Hoop and Gird Her.
2 equal - Anne Duncan - Uamh an Oir
3 Pete Stewart - The Border Widow Lament, Hoopers and Girders, Round Headed Cuckolds Come Dig.

London Trophy- New Composition
1 - Matt Seattle- The Little White Rose of Scotland
2 - Pete Stewart - The Auld White Road
3 - Rod Nevin - Whitmire