Gordon Mooney's Collection

Gordon Mooney's Collection


Gordon's work was ground-breaking; this collection combines all his original tune collections


The last twenty five years have seen a wonderful revival of interest in the music of the Borders and this is due, in no small part, to the pioneering work of Gordon Mooney. Gordon was one of the founding members of the Lowland and Border Pipers' Society which has since done much to promote the playing of 'Cauld Wind Pipes'.
Possibly the two most important of Gordon's collections of Border music were 'O'er the Border' and 'Choicest Tunes'. Both have been out of print for many years and the Society takes great pleasure in producing this combined collection. These were seminal works and deserve a place in any bellows piper's library.
The book comprises 72 pages which include settings of 95 tunes as well as comprehensive background notes.

A Reel
Aitken Drum
Andro and his Cutty Gun
Auld Goodman (The)
Bab at the Bowster
Belisle March
Bonnie Lass o' Livingston (The)
Bonnie Milldams O' Norham (The)
Braw Lads O' Jethart (The)
Broom of the Cowdenknowes (The)
Brose and Butter
Carle He Cam o'er the Craft (The)
Christmas Day in the Morning
Country Dance
Cuddy's Wedding
De'il Stick the Minister
Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer
Drops of Brandy
Drummer (The)
Duns Dings A'
Douglas Tragedy
Dusty Miller (The)
English Bring to Gratney Green ….. (The)
Flower of Yarrow (The)
Follow Her o'er the Border
Fyket (The)
Gallant Souter (The)
Gie the Mawkin Mair o't
Go to Berwick Johnnie
Here Comes in a Guid New Year
Hey Ca' Thru
Hey Now the Day Daws
Highway to Linton (The)
Hollin Green Hollin
Holly Howard
Hoop Her and Gird Her
Hunts Up (The)
I Hae a Wife o' my Ain
I'll Gang Nae Mair tae Yon Toon
Jacky Latin
Jamie Telfer in the Fair Dodhead
Jenny Nettles
Jimmy Allan's Fancy
Jinglan John
Jock O' the Side
Jockey Said to Jenny
Jockie's Fou and Jenny's Fain
John Anderson my Jo

  Johnie Cock up your Beaver
Johnny Armstrong of Gilnockie
Johnny Faa
Kail and Puddings, Porridge and Ale
Kelsae Lasses
Kilt thy Coat Maggie
Last Cradle Song (The)
Lord Lennox March
Lord Randal
Lowcountry Jig
Maggie Lauder
Merry Wives of Carlisle (The)
Mill, the Mill O' (The)
Mount Your Baggage
O'er the Border
O'er the Hills and Far Awa'
Off She Goes
Pawky Adam Glen
Pease Strae
Pitt on Yir Sark on Monaday
Rantin Heelieman (The)
Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
Robin Shure in Hearst
Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow (The)
Roslin Castle
Roxburgh Castle
Seeking the Galloway
Soor Plooms o' Galashiels
Souters O' Selkirk (The)
Tam Lin
Thomas the Rhymer
Twa Corbies (The)
Up an' Waur Them A' Willie
Wee Totum Fogg
Weel Bobbit Blanche o' Middlebie
When She Cam She Bobbit
Where Shall our Guidman Ly
Willie Allan's Fancy
Willie's Drowned in Yarrow
Woo'd an' Married an' A'
Yill Wife and Her Barrels (The)
Young Benjie


Page 5 - The Bonnie Lass … bar 14 … last two quavers should be semi-quavers
Page 18 - Go To Berwick … time signature should be 3/4 not 3/2
Page 21 - Holly Howard … time signature should be 6/8 not 3/4
Page 25 - I'll Gang Nae Mair … 2nd strain, lead-in notes should be semi-quavers
Page 29 - John Anderson … missing a key signature - 2 sharps
Page 35 - Belisle March … 2nd bar, E crotchet should be dotted as in bar 10
Page 37 - Drops of Brandy …. Penultimate bar, crotchets should be quavers
Page 40 - Jockey Said … bar 4 should start quaver + 2 semi-quavers. Bars 5 & 8, A&E (shown in bar 5 as semi-quavers, in bar 8 as crotchets) should be quavers
Page 43 - Pease Strae … bar 6, crotchet C needs a dot, as it does bar 10 with the last two quavers changed to semi-quavers
Page 54 - Souters … bars 6, 12, 18 & 24, the F# minim should be G
Page 59 - The Fyket … bar 2, first quaver should be E

Dimension (L x W x H) 29.7 x 21 x 0.5 Centimetre
Weight 400 Gram

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