In the December 2010 issue of Common Stock we printed three versions of this tune, two from the 17th century and one from the 19th; here are a number of 18th & early 19th century versions, chosen for their variety of 'interpretations' and 'developments' of the original song theme, which I currently take to be that notated by Henry Atkinson in his manuscript, though there may have been a 'different' tune in circulation which eventually got concatenated with Atkinson's.

This is the version for flute published by Daniel Wright in his Aria de Camera in 1726. It is based very closely on that in the Balcarres manuscript.

The version published by Gow in Vocal Melodies of Scotland, arr Henderson, part 2,[with some modifications to the pipe-scale particularly in the penultimate bar of each strains 1-3 and 5 & 6]

An Irish version from 1804, in O'Farrell's Pocket Companion [transpose up a 5th for pipes in A]

And finally, the version from William Vickers' fiddle manuscript 1770 [original in Emin/Dmaj}. What you make of the third strain is up to you ...