This year’s Collogue was the 30th; here’s Julian Goodacre’s report on the first, held in Jedburgh in 1991 (reprinted from Common Stock, June 1992, Jock Agnew’s first issue).

archive collogue

peeble coll 199201

A selection of the pipes shown at the exhibition prepared by Gordon Mooney and Julian Goodacre for the Collogue held in Peebles in 1992. A similar exhibition had been shown at the 1991 Jedburgh collogue but the archive contains only contact print sheets of that event. In the image above, a gloriously bejewelled set of pastoral pipes are top left and a set of border drones and chanter bottom left, both sets belonging to Hamish Moore. Below are more detailed views of the three sets of pastoral pipes, one in boxwood by Wm Mark, pipe-maker in Aberdeen in the late 18th century. These three sets were all borrowed from the Hawick Museum.

 peeble coll 199202