The New Shields Garland

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Iain Gelston presents ‘A Collection of the Newest Tunes for Northumbrian Bagpipes and other instruments’

A selection of 110 newly composed tunes by Border piper Iain Gelston, for Northumbrian Small-pipes, Border Pipes and Fiddle, with extensive notes on the history and stories behind each tune.
In 1850 the editor of the Shields Gazette published a series of chapbooks entitled ‘The Shields Garland', containing songs related to North  and South Shields. This new volume is an attempt to do the same with  instrumental music, newly composed by piper Iain.


On Ruberslaw

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Compositions for pipes, fiddle and other melody instruments

In his introduction Matt Seattle writes:

“I know that life in 2020 was much worse for many people, and that the course of the pandemic is unpredictable and could yet deal us even heavier blows, but we can only do what we can do. I turned 69 in 2020 and have a condition which placed me in the shielding category, so I did what I can do, only much more so than before."

On Ruberslaw contains 76 pipe and fiddle tunes and one guitar piece. It should be available by the time you read this; watch out for notification on LBPS Facebook Forum and Matt’s website