A revised and enlarged edition of an old favourite, this collection of classic border tunes will be available again from mid-June

when Jock Agnew and Jim Richmond first published their collection in  1993, there was little other appropriate music readily available for the Border pipe. It finally went out of print about a year ago. The revised book is a joint effort between the LBS and the Northumbrian Pipers’ Society. In the last 17 years, the bellows pipe revival of the Scottish Lowlands and Borders has blossomed: but despite the plethora of suitable music now available, the two Societies feel that this tune book, which illustrates some of their shared repertoire, should be kept available to players.

 The spirit of the revision has been described (by Matt Seattle) as “the presentation of tunes from Peacock’s Tunes (first published 1800) and the Northumbrian Minstrelsy (first published 1882) in good versions suitable for Border pipes and Scottish smallpipes.”
A few tunes in the original edition have been omitted completely as they were adaptations of originals often extending well beyond the nine-note pipe range. A few tunes have “grown” for this edition: truncated versions having been replaced with appropriate material from local sources.  There are also several additional tunes not in the original edition.
Containing 74 tunes, the book will be available to members of both societies at the special bargain price of £4.