Found while browsing Iain MacInnes’s thesis (1997;

“1838 St Ronan’s Border Club;
At 10 o clock piper Angus [Cameron] from Rannoch struck up the Border Air ‘Come gather, come gather, brave sons of the Heather’ …”

[from Caledonian Mercury,  9/8/1838; MacInnes 14 p 309]

We should very much like to know more about this ‘Border Air’; it has something of the flavour of Hogg or Scott; in fact, Walter Scott had been indirectly responsible for the institution of the St Ronan Border Club games, which were started in 1827 as a response to the influx of tourists into Innerleithen seeking the location of Scott’s ‘St Ronan’s Well’, published in 1823. Another in the list of Scottish traditions Scott had a hand in creating.