At this year’s Annual Collogue, retiring president Julian Goodacre presented Bill Sutherland with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of the vast amount of work Bill has done over the years in photographing the Societies activities. Bill has now presented his collection to the Society archive. The following day a group of members gathered at Jim Buchanan’s house in Roslin to annotate and index these photographs. In this section of the previous issue of Common Stock we reprinted the account David Hannay gave of the meeting held at the Folk Festival in 1982, a year after the Hugh Cheape’s article in The International Piper. We were delighted to find that the earliest photos in Bill’s collection actually preserved the occasion. Here David and Iain MacDonald herald the ‘Proclamation of the Folk Festival’ at the Mercat Cross , March 27th, 1982.
We can only wonder now who was recording the event, and where is that recording?