A set of bellows pipes stamped LEXAGLE [as far as can be read].. The box
which contains the drone and chanter reeds is dated 1878, but the pipes are
probably early to mid 1800's: made by Alexander Glen, Edinburgh.

Bill Millman writes:
“I live in the City of Owen Sound, Ontario. We are approximately 120 miles north of the City of Toronto on Georgian Bay. I came across the pipes at an auction in the Town of Mitchell, Ontario. It's a town of about 4, 000 residence. The old gentleman who was holding the auction, by the name of Gordon Smith, purchased the pipes himself at an auction about sixty years ago from a fellow by the name of Jack Cruicshank who apparently  passed away shortly after his auction. Gordon Smith, who was not a piper, bought them as a keep sake. That is really all I could find out about the pipes or where they came from. I wish I knew more.”