Davie Robertson

10 times winner of the LBPS competition Jimmy Wilson Trophy for singing with the pipes  over the last twenty years, Davie gave us excerpts from his formidable repertoire of ‘Guid Scots Songs’ including ‘Death and Dismemberment [The Twa Corbies], ‘Infanticide [The Cruel Mother]’ and some light relief in the form of ‘The Star of the Bar’

Barbara Dymock

Hamish had suggested she include songs about pipers and piping and she duly obliged with rousing versions of ‘Tail Toddle’ and ‘Maggie Lauder’, as well as a mesmerizing ‘Fair Helen of Kirconnell Lea’, not to mention Michael Marra’s inimitable ‘Muggy Sha’:
“But Ahm no as bad as Muggy Sha',
She hiz tae drink at the tap o' the La',
Barred frae Bissell's, me ana,
But Ahm no as bad as Muggy Sha'”

Pete Shepheard and Jimmy Nagle played a selection of music from both sides of the border, including the ‘old tune’ for the Morpeth Rant, as played by Jimmy’s grandfather Tom Hughes, the subject of their presentation earlier in the day. Pete also sang  ‘Johny Grady‘, a version from Fife of the ballad Walter Scott knew as ‘John Cock’, accompanying himself on melodeon.

‘How does he do that? Audience reaction to Callum Armstrong playing the double chanter; although Callum had explained how in his presentation, seeing and hearing the result was something rather different.