In response to my request for suggestions for future content to appear in Common Stock, Sara Stock sent us the following list. Some of them we cover occasionally, others we will certainly consider for future content.

I'm enjoying my copy of Common Stock. I note your appeal for suggestions of what people might like to see in its pages. It feels a bit much to barge in as a new reader with a list of requirements ...but these are the kind of things I'd enjoy reading, in addition to the very interesting items you already publish.
I enjoy the history but would like some more modern history around the movement of pipers around the globe, development of pipes and piping styles and repertoire.
Interviews with well known bellows pipers.
Interviews with "ordinary pipers". I have come to Scottish smallpipes later in life, am female, non-Scottish, self-taught on the whole, and I don't know whether any or all of those are unusual ... so I'd always be interested to hear how other people got into bellows pipes, what else they play, the style/repertoire they choose, where they play (with friends, in bands, at sessions, for dancing....) I think it would be interesting to understand the breadth of variety in the piping community...and also I suppose I'm just nosy! When I say "interview" there could be a couple of dozen questions and you'd ask folk to respond to them via email - probably only 6 or 8 of the questions per person.
Items on how different pipes are different to play, have different repertoire - I'd be particulalry interested to hear the experience of playing two or more different types of pipes, whether repertoire or technique can usefully crossover or not.
How piping is developing through new pipe making techniques, expanding and changing repertoire, technique etc. Who and what are the influences on modern piping.
Items on pipe maintenance - how to do it.
Items on piping technique - how to, history, regional variations. I envisage a lovely article called Small Pipes, Big Music that covers the experience of playing pibroch on pipes other than GHB.
Reviews of concerts and CDs, and why not make those old CDs - there must be such a back catalogue out there that not everyone will be familiar with.
Items on modern bellows piping around the world, both of people playing UK pipes abroad, but also the bellows pipes of other countries. What is the history of those pipes, again, technique and repertoire, the experience of being someone who plays the gaita in Spain or Northumbrian smallpipes in Mexico or Milan or Madras or Massachusetts.
Reviews of online sources of piping information... websites that offer sheet music, useful discussion forums, online suppliers, online tutorials, blogs....
A listing of sessions where pipes are welcome.
Well, I guess that will cover an issue or two! I'd be happy to write about my experience as an adult learner,  or my experience of playing smallpipes in sessions in Eastern England and Ireland (and at a house session in Switzerland!) I have been writing a blog about my experience of learning the pipes, which will give you an idea of my  range of interests I've tried to list on it some of the resources I use and am working on a list of CDs that feature Scottish smallpipes.
The index is coming along slowly. I think I have the shape of it in terms of coverage of topics, so it's just a matter or trawling through more editions and then typing it all up (am working in pen and ink for now!)
(Ed: If you can answer any of Sara’s requests, please do!)