Thirty years on, it’s fascinating to compare the tunes that were played in the LBPS competition in 1986 with those played this year.

Mike Ward        The Mousewald Tragedy/The Beggar Man/The Carles o Dysart
David Taylor    Freedom Come All Ye/Jocky said to Johnny [sic]/Robin Shure in Hearst/Kenmure’s Up an Awa/Coorie Doon/Drink the Water and Spill the Beer[sic]/ The Carles o Dysart
Hamish Moore    Country Dance/ Drink the Water and Spill the Beer[sic]/ Drops o Brandy/The White and the Yellow Barrel
Gordon Mooney    Lament of the Border Widow/The Cat that Chased its Tail
Iain MacInnes        Highland Laddie/Wooed and Married an A’/Hay Ca Thru/Ranting Roaring Willie/Hnt the Hare
Andy Hunter        The Cockle Gatherers/The Gallowa Hills/ Rattling Roaring Willie
Jeannie Campbell    O Gin I were a Baron’s Heir/Teribus/Willie’s Gone to Melville Castle/Skinner’s Cradle Song/ The Border Jig
Lowland Pipes
David Stevenson        Mary Scott/Noble Lord Dacre/The Dawning of the Day
Paul Roberts        Soor Plums O Galashiels/Drops o Brandy
Gordon Mooney    Johnny Armstrong/O’er the Border
David Hannay        Christmas Day in the Morning/Haste to the Wedding. The Piper’s Prayer/I’ll Gae Nae Mair to Yon Toon/The Hen’s March over the Midden
Pipe duet
Mike Ward & Andy Hunter    Bonny Glenshee/Jamie Gilchrist/ Drops o Brandy
Paul Roberts and Gordon Mooney    Mary Scott/Keelrow
Hamish Moore & David Taylor    Lonely Loch nan Eun/Rock and wee Pickle Tow/The Miner’s Greyhound
Jeannie Campbell & Andrew Sharp    Skye Boat Song/10th Highlanders Crossing the Rhine
Mixed duet
Gordon & Barbara Mooney [flute]        Can ye Sew Cushions/The Piper’s Wedding
Andy Hunter & Mike Ward [harmonium]    Macpherson’s Lament/a Man’s a Man/ Duncan Gray/Blue Bonnet
Iain MacInnes & Patsy Seldon [clarsach]    Inverness Gathering/ Little Cascade