The Bagpipe Map Project was officially launched at the International Bagpipe Conference in Glasgow on 28th February this year by Julian Goodacre and Pete Stewart. The project aims to map all the carvings and paintings of bagpipes and bagpipes from before the 19th century that are currently publicly accessible in the British Isles.
The map is an interactive one; you are invited to register to make contributions. Or you can simply search the map for images in your locale or in places you plan to visit.
The map currently holds details and images of over 130 pipers, . with more waiting to be added.
Future developments may include mapping literary references, branching out into Europe and even into other instruments.
This map is an ongoing project which relies for its growth on a community of contributors. If you know of, or happen to encounter on your travels, a carving or painting of a piper that is not yet included here then you are welcome to join this community and make a contribution: See the ‘Help Build the Map’ page for details.The map can be visited at

All Saints Church, Milford-on-Sea,
13th century