First place *

* This tune was inspired by the poem Kirn Sang (harvest feast song) by the Pencaitland-born poet Andrew Dodds (1872-1959);
Come fiddler kittle up yer string
And tuck her snugly ‘neth yer chin
We weel deserve tas has a fling,
Noo that the hervest’s safely in.

Come laddies seek yer pairtners oot-
Take her ye’re gaun tae amek yer ain -
And let us daud the stoor aboot
For, the hervest’s hame again
We’ve got the hervest hame again
Stacket, thackety, safe again
Wi’ muckle faught, and toil, and pain
We’ve got the hervest hame again

’We held the ploo thor’ many a blast
And mony a shoo’er we had tae bide
Gled when the sun gaed doon at last
Tae seek the cosy ingleside
And then we warstled thro’ the spring
And swat at getting’ in the grain;
I trow we weel desrve oor fling
Noo that the hervest’s hame again.

(Ch.) We/ve got &c.

Second place

Third place

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