In the Autumn of 2016 the Society commissioned a rebuild of the Society’s website. Here we review progress.

A crucial requirement of the design brief was that the site should be accessible across all platforms as well as being easily navigable - no easy task considering the quantity of resources to be included. A substantial part of this is the more than 30 years of content of this Journal. A project is underway to convert all the articles from the archive into searchable text, but in the meantime the site will provide searchable content by means of tagged page-images. One feature of this will be the links from Alex Maclean’s tune index to the original printed notation. Another will be ready access to competition results,  including soundfiles; again, these will be fully searchable.
Another challenge has bee presented by the demise of the wonderful yahoo soundfile player that the current site had employed till recently. No other easy useable and feature-rich player has yet been identified, so if you are aware of such a thing, please let the editor know.
It is hoped that after some rigorous testing over the summer the new site will be live in the early Autumn. If you have any particular suggestions or if you would like to contribute to the project to index Common Stock please contact the editor.