Gordon Mooney

I suspect that this is the first time Common Stock has reviewed a piping recording that can only be purchased as audio download. It’s interesting to find that this innovation comes from one of the founder members of the Society and one who played a major role in breaking open the mine of music available in archives.
The album consists largely of tunes of Gordon’s own, plus one or two by other contemporary composers played on smallpipes; two sets of tunes also include pipes and whistle; (one of these is the Gow tune Mrs Hamilton of Pencaitland.)
Another pipe and whistle duet is 'The Norland Wind'

"This is the tune to the definitive homesickness song also known as the Wild Geese. The words were written by Violet Jacob and were set to the first part of this air by Jim Reid, the second part is by Gordon Mooney composed while missing Scotland after 4 years in Canada.""I started putting this selection of tunes together in autumn 2016. I have concentrated on using the Scottish Smallpipes in two pitches A and G. There are eleven compositions by me, most just played straight on pipes, two I have arranged for two sets of pipes and whistle. There are three sets by known composers that I have arranged for pipes and whistles and tried to keep to the integrity of the originals. I hope to produce another selection for Border bagpipes over the coming months. I will be compiling these tunes and settings into pdf files and you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase the dots."

4 of the 13 tracks here can be heard on the website and the full album can be downloaded or streamed, price $15CAD.

Update; All of the tracks on the album are now available at Gordon's website