Extracts from the records of the council of the burgh of Aberdeen:
January 1540

“that Andro Lausone and Jame Lausone, his broder, thair commound menstrallis
for the tyme, selbe fey it and conduycit for thair actuall and continuall gud seruice to be done be thaim, as ws wes be the menstrallis afor thaim, thair predecessouris, at ewin and mome, and vder tymmis neydfu, concerning the oune, for all the days of thair lyf, and sell half thair daily vaigis and meyt of the nychtbouris of this gud towne circularie, conforme to the auld lovabill wse and consuetud of this nobill burgh obseruyt in tymmis bygane”