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THE MOOD of the Society's Annual General Meeting on April 13 could be described as one of satisfaction, although it was recognised that it was perhaps time for renewed recruiting activities. Chairman Mike Rowan, in his report, pointed out that although the attendance at the AGM, in the School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh, was low (only 14 people, much the same as the previous year's), other meetings during the past year by and large had been successful, particularly an informal evening gathering in Linlithgow. The general standard of playing had risen at the meetings, as had the number of playing members attending them.

He agreed that much of our membership was from around the Edinburgh area (although there is a sizeable international membership as well), and that so far the Society hadn't really pushed for membership. He himself hadn't had time to do anything about that, but if anyone else was interested, something could be done.Peter and Mike Rowan recalled that he had said at the last AGM he would prepare such a leaflet. He said he would now get on with it. Jim Gilchrist said that further international membership could be encouraged through the various clan societies. ‘

Common Stock', continued Mike, had come into its own... there were now copies of it, apparently, in the Library of Congress, Washington, among other institutions. Peter Cooke pointed out that there wasn't any list of office bearers' names and addresses in "Common Stock’, which those interested could consult on pipes and where to purchase them, etc. Mike Rowan recalled that in the past it had been proposed that the Society compile a list of pipe-makers, reed-makers etc, for reference. It was agreed that such a directory of office bearers, consultants, pipemakers and reed-makers should be published in 'Common Stock’,