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ATTENDANCES at the Society's annual competition (March 28, School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh) were low compared to the previous two years, with only two entries for both the Novice and Border pipe classes, and a single entry for the pipes duet. Judges were Paul Roberts, Eddie McGuire, Hamish Moore and Rab Wallace. Hamish felt that the atmosphere was good and liked the selections of music played, but would have liked to see a bigger entry. He thought the highest standard was in the pipes and song section.

Rab Wallace also liked the atmosphere: "It's not like a normal piping competition...more laid back. Although you don't want to get into the Highland piping type of competition, it is a good way of coming along and putting your playing on the line, as opposed to just playing in the pub."
Paul Roberts thought the two entries in the novice class were both very good, although overall, he didn't think the event was as good as previous years. "A lot of people who entered before didn't this time, including quite a few players who were there. Perhaps last year', standard was so high people felt intimidated."

Novice--1, John Agnew; 2, Jamie Macdonald Reid,
Open Small Pipes Solo-- 1, Jamie Macdonald Reid; 2, Mike Ward; 3, John Agnew.
Open Border Pipes Solo- 1, Paul Roberts; 2, David Stevenson.
Pipe and song-1, David Robertson; 2, Jamie Macdonald Reid; 3, John Agnew,
Duet for pipes (only one entry)--1, Gordon Mooney and Paul Roberts.
Duet for Pipes and Other Instrument—1, Julian and John Goodacre (Scottish small pipes+ Leicestershire pipes); 2, John Agnew and Irene Allen (concertina).