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JIMMY ALLAN’S FANCY by William Neill

Remember Jimmy Allan’s pride:
the cold-wind pipe and bellows
he played by Yetholm and Tweedside,
the envy of his fellows:
his fingers fluttering like a spink
upon the singing chanter
made toes to tap and arms to link
and feet take to a canter.

No piper who could match his’ skill
at Stumpie, Gallant Suitor,
Lassie Go Milk on My Cow-hill,
The Drummer, Brose and Butter
Wee Totum Fogg and Dalkeith Fair,
and Go To Berwick Johnnie
at ball or wedding he was there 
to play for drink or money

If Jimmy liked a lively air
he had an eye for horses,
whose they were he didn't care  
nor knew what real remorse is
he rode away upon a mare,
the swiftest on the Border ,                                                 .                                                      
and though he dodged the hangman there 
was jailed in proper order.

Poor Jimmy's pipes they took away
locked up his legs in fetters
and shut him from the light of day
for robbing of his betters.
Upon the shank of his horn spoon
where none but he could hear it
he fingered a defiant tune
to bolster up his spirit.