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Last year, to mark its tenth anniversary, the Society held its first Collogue; a conference, concert and an exhibition. It was the brainchild of Jim Gilchrist who did much of the liaison and organisation, and took place on ‘October 19th in Jedburgh as part of the Borders Festival.

That evening there was a concert featuring the music of the distinguished Border fiddler Bob Hopkirk and singing and piping from Andy Hunter and David Robertson. There were also musical extracts from the show composed for the Border Festival entitled "A Song For Yarrow". This featured Elspeth Smellie on clarsach, Barbara Mooney on keyboards and Gordon Mooney on pipes.

During the Collogue, and for the next 6 weeks, there was an exhibition of “Scotland’s Forgotten Pipes’ in the wonderful setting of Mary Queen of Scots House Museum in Jedburgh. Gordon Mooney and Julian Goodacre had, with the cooperation and support of the Roxburgh and District Museums, assembled a collection of old Border pipes (we were fortunate that Alan Jones was over from Canada and was able, along with Lance Robson, to show us some of their fabulous collections). There were also examples of Scottish and Northumbrian. pipes by modern makers. This exhibition was greatly enriched by text and illustrations from Gordon's researches into the pipes and pipers of the Borders.

This year's Collogue will be on August 29th and is part of the Peebles Arts Festival. The theme is "The Music of the Border Pipes - past, present, future’. All the three venues will he within 200 yards of each other on Peebles High Street. The day time event will be held in the County Hotel, which is one of the oldest hotels in Peebles. Here there will be a series of talks, demonstrations and discussions. Food, meals and drinks are available in he hotel and a room by the bar had been reserved for sessions.

In the evening there will be a concert of Border Piping at the Green Tree Hotel, It will feature Rab Wallace of the Whistlebinkies, Lindsay Davidson, plus more piping, singing and dancing.

Starting on the 29th will be the month long exhibition of ’Scotland’s Forgotten Pipes’ at ‘The Peebles Museum in The Chambers Institute. This exhibition will draw on some of last year's material, but will feature different pipes from private collections. There will also be more historical material about Peebles Piping and it is hoped to highlight the Union Pipes from the Borders.