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n June a competition was held at the Royal    

British Legion clubrooms in Duns. It was the first Lowland and Border piping competition ever to be held in Berwickshire, and was sponsored by the Berwickshire District Arts Council.                   Picture supplied by the Tweedsdale Press Group

There were 6 classes:

  • Solo Scottish smallpipes (Grade II); 1st David Stevenson (Edinburgh); 2nd Matt Seattle (Northumberland); 3rd David Robertson.
  • Solo Scottish smallpipes (Grade I); Ist Manuel Trucco (Edinburgh); 2nd Stewart Gaudin (Mauchline).
  • Solo Border Pipes; 1st David Stevenson.
  • Solo Pipe and Song; 1st David Robertson; 2nd David Stevenson.
  • Duet for Pipes; 1st David Stevenson and Manuel Trucco
  • Duet for Pipes and other Instrument; Ist Manuel Trucco and John Levine (clarinet); 2nd Stewart Gaudin and Steve Wall (tin whistle); 3rd Gordon Mooney and Matt Seattle (fiddle and guitar). Special prize to youngest competitor; Shona Mooney (fiddle).