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Rona Macdonald

The LBPS held their second teaching weekend in the George and Abbotsford Hotel, Melrose, between 25th and 27th April.

A last minute change of instructors saw Rory Campbell taking Gary West’s place along with John Saunders and David Taylor.

All three had produced an excellent selection of music to suit their classes, and we almost managed to get agreement on pipe keys after some judicious lending and swapping of chanters!

I am informed that the Friday evening session was very enjoyable, although I do not remember very much about it, but on the Saturday we were treated to a wealth of tunes from almost everyone.

Andy Hunter presented a very interesting talk on Johnnie Armstrong which provoked much discussion over an excellent dinner.

I would like to take this chance to thank all three instructors for their time and efforts, Andy for his talk, Hamish Moore, Julian Goodacre and Nigel Richard for help with pipe maintenance; and of course the hotel staff for their friendly service and patience with us.