Thanks to the custodian of Kirkcudbright Town records for allowing us to publish the following extracts:-


18 Oct 1598 appointed for 10 lib money at Candilnes and Lambes equallie and ordained the treasurer to pay him instantly iijLib vjs viijd for his bygone service

10.10.99 For ane yeir for x Lib at mertimes and Vitsounday equallie

14.10.1600 Alexander Corbricel choses and feit drummar for ane yeir for quihilk he shall haif ten Lib for and his meit throw the toun and that has nocht houses pey him iijs iiijd ild day for his meit and gif thar refuis ordanis the refussor to be poindit for vis viijd thairfoir

Fergus Neilson is feit toun pyper for ane yeir for his dewtie visit and vont pvyding he and the drummar per the Yule vages betuix thame.

10.6.01 Fergus Neilson to pey John Carnis V Lib Xs ves fensit in hands pertening Adame Cuitlar conforme to an decreit obtenit afoir the Commissar of Kirkcudbright againis him tharament with ijs expenses

[Afterwards came Donald Murray and then John Neilson]