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Sean Donnelly. in his extensive researches, found the following petition concerning James Waugh, town piper of Musselburgh in 1691, which was published in The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 3rd series, XVI (AD 1691), (Edinburgh, 1970) p.126.  ‘Edinburgh, 12 Feb 1691,’

‘Petition of the magistrates of Musselburgh for themselves and James Waugh, common town piper of the burgh: Within these few days a battalion of foot, coming from Haddington to be embarked at Leith, quartered at Musselburgh for two days. During that time James Waugh was called on by some officers to play before them and, when the battalion marched to Leith, he was carried along with them by force and put on board the ships now at                     Burntisland, where he is kept prisoner to be transported into Flanders on the pretext that he had taken money from the officers. If true, this was through ignorance, thinking it was given him for his playing. They crave the Lords to grant warrant to the magistrates of         Burntisland, the commanding officer of the forces there or whom else they think fit, to set him at liberty and that the master or skipper of the ship be discharged to transport him with the rest of the soldiers. The Lords command Major MacGill, brother of the Viscount of             Oxenford, and Captains William and James Douglas to set ashore James Waugh and commit him to custody in the Canongate tolbooth, ordain the magistrates of the Canongate and keeper of their tolbooth to detain him there till further order and the Major etc. to appear           before the Lords on Tuesday next to answer for their conduct.’

On 17 February the Lords of the Privy Council instructed Colonel Ramsay to send Major MacGill and Captain William Douglas under escort to answer for their conduct at the Council board (p.127). The officers duly appeared on 24 February 1691. They stated that two men had willingly enlisted and that the rest were in Leith tolbooth (pp 149-50). And on 26 February 1691 the Lords issued a warrant to the bailies of the Canongate and the keeper of their tolbooth to deliver the persons of William Murdoch and James Waugh to Ensign Campbell, both having found to be volunteers (p.166).

            Is anything further known about Waugh?